We at Siddheshwari Enterprises provide a wide range of services for Debt Recovery/ Debt Collection.

How we can help you?

Follow Up and Collection of B2B Receivables/ Debt Recovery/ Debt Collection

Receivables prone to become overdue and later sticky due to many reasons. Many companies write off huge amounts at the end of every financial year as the cost of recovery is very high. We at Siddheshwari Enterprises, use our efforts and recover such amounts with low cost and with ease as we bridge the communication gap and avoid the same in future through persistent follow up and feedback from customers.

Follow Up and Collection of money deposits

Companies deposit huge amounts and give bank guarantee to get sales orders from customers especially from various government departments. Siddheshwari Enterprises has a sound expertise and the mechanism to collect such amounts with nominal cost due to good rapport with customers which hitherto would have to be written off at the end of the year if not taken up and followed up properly and effectively.

Follow up and Collection of Statutory Forms

Collection of statutory forms like TDS certificates and C forms etc., involves persistent follow up, proper planning and high level of interaction with customers as issuance of statutory forms is of least priority. Our team at Siddheshwari Enterprises, has a good level of interaction and knowledge of their procedures and, so we take advantage in collecting these forms without much difficulty.

Process and Issue of Statutory Forms on behalf of Clients

We undertake process and issue of Statutory forms like TDS certificates etc on behalf of clients, as for the company, it is an unproductive process with least priority. We undertake such jobs at nominal cost and issue these certificates, send to all the parties concerned, and even solve queries relating to TDS issues on behalf of clients.

Collection of Export Proof Documents

We also collect the proof of exports required to claim the taxes paid by the exporting companies to the Government while making purchases. These documents are required by exporters as a proof of export. These documents include Bill of Lading, Export Invoices, etc. We collect these documents on behalf of the exporters.

Follow-up with Vendors for Missing/ Un-reconciled Input Credit for GST

In GST regime, we need to match the Input Tax Credits to claim the excess taxes paid in the input-output process.This is a continuous and hectic task which can hamper your core business activities. Siddheshwari Enterprises conducts the Follow-up for missing tax credits, Mismatch Reconciliation, Tax Ledgers and MIS Report.